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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Charlotte Roche - Wetlands

I've already posted about recent articles re: this book over at Subtext Magazine blog but I just wanted to speak a little here about the dichotomy which always seems to be presented in cases like this.

Articles on this book are always presenting the debate - is it feminist literature or is it merely pornography? This debate is grounded in the argument that therefore feminism and pornography cannot mix; it's one or the other. I'm not going to venture at the moment into my thoughts on pornography (other posts on the blog may very well do/have done) but it's not such a clear-cut line. We cannot say that every feminist is anti-porn because it's just not the case and I think it's real shoddy writing when the author of the article is seeming to engage in feminist debate, yet has obviously not considered that this dichotomy is merely a stereotypical ideal and does not exist.

Anyway, Wetlands is released in the UK on 5th Feb. Ever one to form my own informed judgements, I have pre-ordered a copy from Amazon.

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