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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Apologies and Tid-Bits

So, firstly I need to say apologies to this blog. Sorry for starting you with the intention we were in it for the long haul. Sorry for basically deserting you for years on end and not keeping in touch. I'll try make it up to you. In terms of some tid-bits...

1. I like alternatives on the WWJD so this What Would Pussy Riot do comic strip is currently getting a high five from me.

2. The 4th Trimester Bodies Project

3. Can always rely on The Daily Mail to provoke a rant from me...Kate Thompson has wrote a piece for them about being 'Britain's Worst Wife' - what basis does Thompson have for such a claim? Is it attempted manslaughter or has she committed adultery? No, she merely works her ass off career-wise leaving very little time for the stereotypical housewife duties. Way to go enforcing some traditional domestic division of labour schiz by running that piece (and also nice emphasis in the headline that this woman is also, god forbid, 'proud of it')