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Saturday, March 07, 2015

PhD Musings: sampling, transcribing and facing up to my own opinions


Recruiting participants for my research is still proving a little difficult and I need to consider how I'm going about this. My aim was to find participants through snowball sampling. Problem is, none of the participants so far have passed on any details of further possible participants. So the snowball element, not really happening. I need to think about why that might be the case. I've asked a facebook friend to pop a call out on their facebook zine page and perhaps I now need to consider further things along those lines. Or just get my ass out to gigs but then there's the issue of it being about me approaching people I think would be suitable. And also even deciding which gigs to go to in the first place involves my values/opinons/definitions. Besides, gig element might now have to wait until I've popped and bit later down line baby wise. So for the time being, some pestering (in the nicest way possible) of previous participants to consider anyone who might be interested and looking into further call out avenues as well as utilising any existing contacts I have who might be able to put me in touch with people.


So far I've transcribed three out of five interviews. I started the fourth this morning which feels it's going to be less time consuming then some of the others due to quality of the recording and the slower pace of conversation involved. Plan is to get these last two transcribed and get some analysis of my first five before the next supervisor meeting in six days time. And then that'll be my last meeting as I'll be on maternity leave, gulp. But I'm determined to keep interviewing/transcribing and analysing during my leave.

Facing up

An interesting emerging issue whilst listening back to interview has been my own value judgements I seem to bring to them concerning what punk is/isn't. I know that punk means different things to different people and I think I need to explore that more in my own research as sometimes something will come out in an interview which I don't think is relevant but then I have to keep stopping and reminding myself that that's their interpretation of punk which may or may not match my own. So this is something I'm finding quite interesting at the moment and hopefully something I can explore further.

Obligatory pregnancy aside, today marks 32 weeks! Check out the bumpage!

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