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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Subtext Magazine Issue 8 - Get Your Orders IN!

Looking for a xmas present for friends (or yourself?)

Order the latest issue of Subtext Magazine - full of feminist cheer!

Issue 8 pre-order now, chockbang full of the following:

Lucky Lips
Songs about vaginas, denounced by the Catholic League, banned from YouTube – she must be good. Holly Warren speaks to singer/song-writer and comedian, Jessica Delfino

Frugal Feminism
Lucy Ingham looks at the crossover of the new green movement, the blossoming of the social conscience and the possibilities of a fairer work life balance with the heart of feminism

Shape Shifters
Our love/hate relationship with food is an old old story, well worn and much debated. But to what end? Suzie Grogan explores concerns close to home with her look back on her and her daughter’s battle with weight and health.

A Habit Not Worth Breaking: Interview with Cristy C Road
Laura Manicom picks up Cristy C Road’s Bad Habits, a novel she also illustrated, and finds out a little more about the zine maker and illustrator.

Women in Film Special

Shifting the View
Sarah Barnes tests the waters of women’s networking on the fringes of the Birds Eye View film festival in London and finds out what Rachel Millward, director of Birds Eye View sees for the future of women film makers in the UK.

Films by Women, but Films About Women?
Jess McCabe sees the benefits of films emerging by women, but what’s the wider social context?

The Documentary Maker: June Cross
June Cross has been making documentaries for much of her life, casting light on the aftermath of Katrina, riots in Haiti and welfare reform in the USA, not to mention her Emmy award winning documentary Secret Daughter.

Getting Reel
Elena Rossini, an Italian documentary maker talks about the “aha” moment which led to her feminist revolution behind the camera

Making Moves in Afghanistan
Jess McCabe reviews the documentary films from Afghanistan shown as part of the Birds Eye View Film festival in London, which talk of liberation and reveal the hidden stories of women.


Lonergrrl wrestles with the previous and current struggles between cissexuality and transgender women in Feminism

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs
Jess Smith and Subtext editor Gill Court met with Holly Golightly and Lawyer Dave, her partner in the Brokeoffs, to find out what makes this woman in music tick.

The Digital Ceiling
Hannah Nicklin calls for revolution to short circuit the sexism in tech

Michelle Obama The Non-Traditional First Lady
Barack Obama made waves in the US presidential election, finally becoming the first black president of the United States in 2008. Melanie Pollack looks at Michelle Obama, his wife, who’s breaking the stereotypes for the role of the first lady, for black women across America and for women worldwide.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Pornification of Society But Couldn’t Ask
Rebecca Whisnant’s condensed lecture takes eager ears through everything the anti-porn activist needs to know and how to get your point across in 90 minutes or less. Charlotte Cooper attempts to recreate the informative talk in 900 words

Ignorance for Bliss The Menstrual Cycle or Women and the Bikes they Love
We like to take a regular break from the burden of constant theoretical think­ing and find something frivolous to busy our minds and bodies with. This issue Amy Louth gives us a 101 on bike buying and know-how, a good checklist for those already on the road or a get going guide for cycling starters.

Plus all our regular features:

Old and News – News and campaign updates
Wonders of the World – Good things we’ve heard about
The Book Stop – Book reviews

Subscribers & pre-orders will be shipped before Christmas (as long as our printer gets the mag too us in time!)

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