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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hipsters - Death of the Last Subculture?

I was fairly amused/intrigued by the piece in The Observer* at the weekend on 'The End of the Hipster' and then quite timely I was listening to Thinking Allowed podcasts on the work commute this morning and Laurie Taylor was in conversation with Bjørn Schiermer regarding his paper 'Late Modern Hipsters: new tendencies in popular culture'. It's very interesting considering the debates within youth cultures/subcultures and links to many questions regarding the nature of contemporary subcultures (or are they neo-tribes? scenes? and so forth...) but also the notion of youth culture itself since these hipsters might not be of that specific demographic it seems. Something to watch a bit more closely perhaps in the future and I'm sure there's already an increasing academic interest in this group. *Even more amusing was perhaps The Guardian's Spot a Hipster!

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